Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) Investigates Drying Technologies For Post-Digester Solids

Algaeventure Systems SLS Technology Featured in AURI Dryer Investigation

Post-digester manure solids refer to the material left after manure has been processed in an anaerobic digester and passed through a separation process to physically remove part of the water fraction. The Vincent Press or the Fan Separator is often, but not always, used to accomplish this step.However, this still leaves the remaining product at around 65-70% moisture, making it costly to dry down to pelleting or combustion/gasification moisture ranges (in the case of pelleting this is below 18%). The purpose of this initiative is to investigate drying technologies that might make the drying process more economical, and make the use of post-digester manure solids for a fuel or fertilizer viable. The drying of any high-moisture substrate could be substituted for manure solids in many of the dryers that are about to be profiled.

See the full report here

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