Algae Industry Magazine: Ohio Passes Law to Recognize Algaculture

March 4, 2012 — State of Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed into law House Bill 276 defining the production of algae, Algaculture, as agriculture in the Ohio Revised Code. Sponsored by Representative Jim Buchy and former Representative and current Senator, Lou Gentile, HB 276 received extraordinary bi-partisan support and was passed unanimously in both the Ohio House and Senate.

Ohio has an established legacy with biotech research and technology development, a robust agricultural base, an established manufacturing infrastructure, a statewide educational and research network and a highly capable technical and skilled workforce. These resources give Ohio an opportunity to create technology clusters leading to tremendous economic opportunity within the emerging algae industry.

With the considerable support from Representative Hall, Chairman of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and Senator Hite, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources Committee, Representative Buchy, Senator Gentile and Governor Kasich, Ohio is positioned to innovate and continue its strong tradition of leadership in agriculture into the future, and give farmers another crop to grow and generate income.

“We applaud the commitment of Ohio’s leadership for their vision and support of the emerging algae industry for both business and agriculture,” said Ross Youngs, CEO and Founder of Marysville-Ohio based Algaeventure Systems. “HB 276 provides the right regulatory framework to properly cultivate the growing algal industry, attract investment dollars into the state of Ohio, and provide regulatory clarity. Defining Algaculture as agriculture in the Ohio Revised Code places Ohio in a leadership position while making a powerful statement that Ohio is open for business and welcomes investment in this emerging industry.”

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