Humanity’s activities have changed the environment, and the call to protect, improve, and sustain precious resources is widely supported by governments, industry, academia, and citizens. Marine and freshwater are critical resources that need every tool in humanity’s toolbox to be available for the current and future generations.

Hacking aquatic microbiomes’ chemical code will be a critical tool to understand and improve the quality and sustainability of the world’s land and aquatic resources. New technologies to sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner to directly obtain nature’s chemical codes (the small molecules) has recently taken a massive leap forward with microbiome mining.

Algaeventure Systems has built the World’s first microbiome mining technology and proven the capability to obtain previously hidden cell to cell signaling molecules from the vast microbes of the world that have never been accessed.

There is a multitude of promising possibilities that these technologies will ultimately be key in understanding, improving, and even curing on-going and future issues with coral bleaching, toxin contamination, pollution remediation, and even CO2 mitigation.

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